With sacrifice: in 2013 the budgetary stability was recovered

David Gonzalez Oliva assumed the role of mayor on July 13th, 2012 and remained in this position until December 31st, 2013. During this period two municipal budgets … The 2 lowest in the last eight years were approved. And despite that, during the 17 months of his leadership the two ‘toxic debts’ mentioned above were settled.

  • To the family of Martí De Veses the 851,000 euros that had been owed since 2008 was paid, thus avoiding the 34,600 euros per year of interest on arrears that had grown to over 150,000 euros.
  • The 647,000 euros upgrade price that was owed to the FCC since 2003 (again, stopping the default interest that had already generated nearly 200,000 euros).
  • The borrowing capacity of Oliva that had been lost since 2008 was recovered.

deute viu

All of this was done, despite facing tax increases that had already been decided and that came from a disastrous economic management. Disastrous for two reasons: the economic problems it had caused, but especially by the hidden debts during 2007-2011. The problems were not faced, they were covered up. Unfortunately, not solving problems takes money directly from the taxpayer’s pocket. The situation became unsustainable and had to be solved in 2013.

“Between 2007 and 2011 the problems were not faced, they were covered up. Unfortunately, not solving problems takes money directly from the taxpayer’s pocket. “

Nevertheless, during the mayoralty of David González all the toxic debts were removed and the enormous bills were paid… and so we ended 2013 with budgetary stability and regained our borrowing power, something that the Town had lost in 2008. By doing this the town had to suffer a lot: the issue of not having money and a lack of investments since 2010, the imposed rise in taxes and, above all, a financial revision which was approved by the PSOE. The adjustment plan made by Chelo Escrivá still had to be dealt with. In October 2013 the costs of the Adjustment Plan for the period 2013-2022 were reduced and so the tax rate of the urban IBI was lowered.

Despite the debts, we ended the year with budgetary stability

And all this was due to an efficient and responsible management of the budget by each and every one of the managers of the different departments, who are those ultimately managing the budget. Renegotiating contracts, reducing them and seeking funding from other administrations. But above all, thanks to all citizens of Oliva, all this was made possible although we have suffered through this painful recovery.

Borrowing capacity was recovered for the first time since 2008

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