The socialistes blunders that the PP never speak of

Creating the Jovades town dump: This was to be executed as part of the first Zapatero Plan but a project was never completed. It had a budget of 232,000 euros. This was never put into operation and the site is currently used as a circuit for remote control vehicles.

The new Trinquet: With an initial cost of 1,180,579 euros (funded by the second Zapatero Plan) this ended up costing 1,860,815 euros, an increase of 680,235 euros. Construction began in 2010, again without a project being drawn up. An extra 235 935 euros was approved in September 2011. Chelo Escrivá inaugurated the building, despite the missing interior lights, the lightwell, the cafeteria and the outside area were all not completed; the entrance slope also had to be redone to meet public standards, and new dressing room had to be added. All this cost a further 444,300 euros. A total overspend against the original budget of 1.1 million euros.

L’Almàssera: With an initial budget of 523,183 euros (435,987 funded by the Municipal Improvement Plan), it ended up costing 1,032,165 euros, twice as much. Construction began in 2006. In July 2007 a further 194 012 euros was approved. Then 314 969 euros more was approved in October 2008.

The expropriation of the Martí De Veses estate: A plot of 20 bushels classified as urban land for a green area as part of General Plan, within the area called “Ciutat gar,” for which the Town had to pay 1,967,938 euros, plus a further 500,000 euros in interest on arrears. In total, 2.5 million euros. Between 2004 and 2008 it would have been possible to negotiate with the owners, but neither the mayor (PSOE), nor the department of Finance or Planning (also PSOE) answered any of the reports filed. Because of this silence, the issue was taken to the Provincial Expropriation Jury, which in July 2008 gave the plot a value of 851,660 euros. The owners appealed to the Supreme Court, who, in December 2011 valued it at 1,967,938 euros. The Town filed an appeal, but lost in November 2014. Resulting in 150,000 euros in interest on arrears. The 851,660 euros the fair value of the estate of Martí De Veses should have been paid before January 2009 (and possession taken of the property). But neither amount was paid, nor mentioned in budgets between 2009 and 2012. It was paid in 2013, at which point it had already generated interest at more than 150,000 euros (34,600 annually). In 2014 Salvador Fuster acknowledged that the decision not to pay “was not taken by anyone.”

Canyaes 7 Canyaes 8 and La Bomba: These 3 works were awarded to Midascon (the same builder for Aigua Blanca IV). The works ended in 2006, and since that time there has been a serious problem with the electrical installations (towers and light boxes in the middle of the streets) this prevents many homeowners from getting electricity and the licenses for occupation. But it was not until 2014 that were asked Midascon were asked to take responsibility. Until then nothing had been done to resolve the issue, nor had anyone tried to collect the 260,000 euros in fines.

The liquidation of Aigua Blanca IV: In January 2010 Salvador Fuster entrusted the liquidation of the works to the project management company, Emin. A company against which there is in a motion for a procedure for termination of contract due to breach of their duties. In September 2010 a grant of only 85,000 euros was approved. In 2013, thanks to the report done by the municipal technicians, we knew that this cost, in fact, 746,539 euros! The difference is 660,000 euros. And there is still work to be done in Aigua Blanca IV.



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