The “hidden” pact between PP-PSOE in Oliva

It’s subtle, but they cannot hide it. There has long been a nonaggression pact between the PP and PSOE Oliva. A covenant which is obvious when we look at the good relations between Chelo Escrivá, Salvador Fuster, Ana Morell and Carlos Mengual. They have had meetings in the office of the mayor, plenary sessions, they have been together at many public events and even visited the occasional restaurant or campsite on the beach. We saw this with our own eyes, and many people have told us how shocked they were to see this.

We have already seen that the main obstacle in the motion of censure was the unwillingness of some Socialist leaders, precisely because of the good relations they had with the ex Mayoress. After the motion the virulence with which Chelo Escrivá attacked David Gonzalez was even more obvious. Her target has always been Compromís (or the Projecte Oliva or the Partit Gent d’Oliva), never Salvador Fuster, nor his party.

The PSOE has stepped up their good relations with Chelo Escrivá after breaking the coalition with the Compromís.

On June 4, 2014 the PSOE government broke the pact with the Compromís. It was an odd break, since Salvador Fuster, had taken advantage of a situation that gave him mayorship, and then simply terminated David Gonzalez’s 1st tenure as mayor, and made a decision to break ties with the Compromis. This, and a clear intensification of the good relations with Chelo Escriva, who has exhibited no complaints in plenary sessions and social acts. This also explains the repetitive statement of Carlos Mengual who says there will be “no pact with the Compromis”. Obviously, having secured a deal with Chelo Escrivá, they no longer needed pacts.

Aggressive interventions from Chelo Escrivá have rarely had social spokespersons as their objective.

Carlos Mengual is following in the footsteps of Chelo Escrivá

The socialist candidate is copying the behaviour of the conflicted ex Mayoress. In each public statement that they make they always have Compromís or David Gonzalez in their cross hairs, yet they never refer to Chelo Escrivá or the PP Oliva. Their attacks always involve Compromís. Are we their “choking dust” as well? Or are they just ensuring that the PP say nothing about the poor urban management from his party colleagues?

It seems that in attacking the Compromís, Carlos Mengual ensures that Chelo Escrivá does not criticise the 2.5 million spent in the case of Marti De Veses, or the urban infraction of his partner Ana Morell, or the fact that he campaigns during working hours … or many other things. If that’s your strategy, we must congratulate him; because, indeed, the PP and PSOE have never attacked him politically.

But people are not stupid. Many people have noticed the blatant non-aggression pact between the PP and the PSOE. And many take for granted a future coalition pact after the next election. Note the fact that Carlos Mengual is consistently saying “no pact with Compromís”.

#Mengualnoésigual? Are you sure?

The activists and sympathizers of the PSOE in Oliva, as leftist voters, generally do not deserve Carlos Mengual and the other socialist leaders having ‘good relations’ with Chelo Escrivá and the PP. If it is true that “Mengual has no equal” … it’s time to prove it. There is still time to denounce the good relations between the mayor and Ana Morell with Chelo Escrivá; to distance himself from poor urban management by his party colleagues (Aigua Blanca, Canyaes 7 and 8 …); criticizing the little money that the Department of Finance has dedicated to promoting tourism in Oliva in recent years … he still has time to distance himself from the mistakes of his party.  If he does no, what ideas can he promote?

As with the ex Mayoress, the Socialist candidate only attacks the Compromís.

The breaking of the covenant

On June 4, 2014 the Socialist group announced in a press conference they were breaking the coalition with the Compromís. This meant that Salvador Fuster, had taken advantage of a situation that gave him mayoralty, but once he followed David Gonzalez’s 1st mayoral tenure, he made a decision to break ties with the Compromis. Besides many insults from Ana Morell and Carlos Mengual, accusing us of being traitors, disloyal cowards, liars … Our response was exactly the same as before with the insults from Chelo Escrivá: we continued working with strength and accuracy. Without losing our way, despite the provocations. Out of respect for the people of Oliva we decided not to enter into a slanging match.



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