Restore social peace

How Oliva recovered after the tsunami that was the undemocratic Chelo Escrivá?

In June 2011 Chelo Escrivá was inaugurated as mayor, because the two political forces that had obtained more than 50% of the votes in the May elections had not reached an agreement. Soon after, all of Oliva bore witness to the bizarre actions, verbal virulence and the absurd conflicts that characterized the government of this controversial ex Mayoress. This caused a great social discontent with people asking us as politicians to end this conflicting ways of doing things. Associations, journalists, activists and indeed the general public asked us as political parties to restore the social peace and political consensus that Chelo Escrivá had destroyed.

The main obstacle to the motion of censure: the unwillingness of the PSOE

In Compromís we got to work quickly to reach a consensus that society required of us. But it was not an easy task because the main leaders of the PSOE were very comfortable and in their situation. Carlos Mengual, Ana Morell and Salvador Fuster had municipal salaries and very good relations with the the ex Mayoress. So good that it surprised us and everyone else; and we are still surprised.


Across the legislature it is hard to find a political confrontation between the PP and the PSOE, i.e. between Salvador Fuster and Chelo Escrivá. While there are many examples of the Compromís in this regard. “The BLOC chokes me like dust” said Chelo Escrivá. We took this as a sign we were doing our job very well.

Compromís acted very quickly to end the social and political upheaval that we were suffering. But the PSOE became lazy, taking their time to start talks, and putting their own feelings (the repetitive and boring focus on the residents of Aigua Blanca of the socialist leaders), ahead of the interests of of the town. The social fracture and the demand for change were evident, but the PSOE had long and “condescending” dialogues with the Compromís.

Meanwhile, Chelo Escrivá was still in power: creating conflicts, causing scandals, being insulting and disrespectful, abusing her authority, pandering to and destroying the consensus … ultimately ruining the social peace of Oliva.

“More work, less taxes” (or was it vice versa?)

The same as Rajoy or the Valencian PP, Chelo Escrivá’s campaign was plagued by broken promises. Subversive messages that did nothing but give empty hope to desperate people. The promise of more work less tax was as easy to pledge as it was to fail at. Did the PP create jobs? No. Oliva had 2,757 unemployed people in May 2011 and a year later the figure had risen to 2,883. And as much Rajoy tries to fix this, there continue to be 2,580 unemployed citizens in Oliva.


And the taxes? Chelo Escrivá did not drop a single tax. In fact it was quite the contrary, the IBI, garbage collection, sewage, the price of childcare, were all raised, the PP also approved a plan of disproportionate adjustment and a plan to inspect fines, among other gems.



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