Do we have a Bárcenas in Oliva?

The curious case of the PP headquarters in Oliva

Is not only the office in Calle Genova. The PP headquarters of Oliva have their own story to tell. A few years ago the PP opened a base on Calle Hospital, which recently was repossessed due to non-payment of the mortgage. And yet, surprisingly, a few months ago the PP opened a new branch, yet more ostentatious in a commercial location in Paseo Gregori Mayans, which obviously will not be cheap. It is strange that the PP lost a property for not paying a mortgage, and suddenly have money for a new home in a more expensive part of the town.

This, coupled with the large number of pamphlets Oliva has seen over recent years, a sobering thought. We do not want to think how much this has cost, right?

The mainstays of Chelo Escrivá are surrounded by controversy

Juan Cotino. The main supporter of Chelo Escrivá is currently linked to several cases of alleged political corruption. In November 2014 he was implicated in a part of the Gürtel case, which concerned the Pope’s visit, for corruption, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds and bribery. In addition, his family business, SEDESA, is being investigated in the case of Bárcenas for possible illegal funding of the PP (no one has ever explained the hiring approach); and also for alleged irregular tax credits granted by Bancaja.

And the “Salvados” program which was dedicated to the Valencia metro accident (Olvidados, 28/04/2013) uncovered a witness which leaves them in a pretty bad place, “He told me he knew my son had just finished ADE and if needed a job, public or private, do not hesitate to call. Then he asked me how what I would do about this”.

José Vte. Gómez Tejedor. The brother-in-law of Chelo Escrivá is the lawyer for the Cooperation Funds. In September 2011 he had a shameful conversation with Tauroni, the comments made were despicable, demeaning and sexist against the deputy for the Compromís, Mireia Molla. So much so that the Bureau of the Valencian Parliament described them as “despicable, derogatory and offensive”.

Vicente Ferrer Rosello. This deputy from Alboraia was sentenced by the Supreme Court to a fine and a withdrawal of his license for drunk driving and zig-zagging in a Valencia street in 2012. He had been tried before in Valencia, because Ferrer had concealed his condition.



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