Compromís, the thorn in the side (the “dust”) of the former mayoress

In Compromís part of our job is to be this dust

In the same way that the deputy of Compromís Monica Oltra has been the “thorn in the side” of the PP in the Valencian Parliament in recent years, here in Oliva the Compromís group was the “thorn in the side” (or “dust” ) of Chelo Escrivá over the years. “The BLOC chokes me like dust” said the ex Mayoress via the media in December 2011. For us this showed that our hard work conducted in the period Compromís Chelo Escriva held the mayoralty was effective.

Compromís has long been the centre of attacks from the PP spokesman. This is evidenced by hundreds of headlines, radio features, facebook entries, pamphlets and from the minutes of the plenary sessions. David González, and other members of Compromís, have been permanently in the firing line for the ex Mayoress. Insults, taunts, personal attacks, references to family, slander and more have been occuring all along.

At the Compromís we have always responded to all these verbal attacks with education, respect and wisdom that characterizes us. Without losing sight of the end goal, despite the provocations. We have continued in our work with all the strength and correctness possible. Constantly monitoring the PP when we’ve been in opposition, seeking the consensus needed to make the motion of censure, and eventually managing the town in the most responsible manner after the motion.

Chelo Escrivá has not forgiven us for this. As we can see from many examples, from her lack of English in the ridiculous episode of the T-shirt “wanted. only alive” with Camps face which was worn by Monica Oltra; or when we uncovered the bizarre case of the letter from the office of the Marjal which was ridiculous, and just shows how devoted they are in their efforts to pursue and harm the families of their political opponents.



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